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ASOP Trains Army Medics in Casting

Ft Sam Workshop2Ft Sam WorkshopOn February 19th, former Army Medic and ASOP Director Charles Barocas returned to Ft. Sam Houston, TX to train 20 Army Medics in Orthopedic Casting. This Introduction to Casting Workshop may lead to an Army wide program to add additional training time to Army Medic Training Curriculum to allow a smoother transition between Combat Medic and civilian Orthopedic Allied Professional. There are 10,000 Orthopedic Offices, 7,000 Emergency Departments and 12,000 new urgent care facilities. Former Army Combat Medics make the perfect employee for these facilities. ASOP will be there to provide specialized orthopedic courses to help these Vets find civilian positions when they leave the military.

Over 80 Casting Workshops Planned for 2016

We are now planning our biggest workshop year ever!! Go to to see dates and cities of casting workshops. ASOP will train over 1000 allied professionals in casting, splinting & bracing in 2016 And for the first time, ASOP will be attending the American Association of Orthopedic Executives convention in 2016. ASOP will promote…

ASOP Sponsors Cast Swelling Study By University of Miami Medical School

August 5th, 2015, Seminole, FL    ASOP has partnered with Dr. Loren Latta, Ph.D, Director of Research at the Max Biedermann Institute for Biomechanics at the University of Miami Medical School to conduct a study of swelling pressures under a cast and possible solutions using elastic wraps and the new BOA powered CastFit System from  The study, which will be financed by ASOP membership dues, is the first time dues from any orthopedic allied organization have been used this way.   The study will first measure pressures under the cast during swelling and then measure pressures after using common orthopedic pressure relief procedures such as bi-valving and then using the new CastFit System for patient controlled pressure relief.

Cadaver set-up for pressure measurements

Cadaver set-up for pressure measurements




  July 1st, 2015, Seminole, FL & Ft. Sam Houston, TX.       All US ARMY Orthopedic Technologists can now take the Registered Orthopedic Technologist Certification Exam and receive needed promotion points.   Over 150 Army Orthopedic Technologists are eligible to take the ROT exam in this ASOP/ARMY partnership.   This is part of a new program between the US Army and…


Seminole, FL: ASOP will offer three levels of Orthopedic Allied Professional Certification for large orthopedic practices. Download brochure at   or click on the Tri-Level icon to the right. OT1  is for newly hired or current staff with less than one year orthopedic experience.  It requires passing of the online Orthopedic Allied Professional exam which is based…



CMS, Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services, now makes it mandatory for all allied health personnel to be “Credentialed” by a credentialing agency like ASOP or state licensed (RT, LPN, ATC, etc) to enter information and orders in the patient Electronic Health Records, EHR

See the video with Robert Anthony, Deputy Director, CMS.

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If you are not credentialed or licensed you are prevented from touching the EHR by the current CMS rules.   MA’s who are not “certified”, CMA’s, DO NOT meet this rule.  The ASOP Registered Orthopedic Technologist, ROT, DOES meet this new rule.   Now it is more important than ever to obtain and maintain your ROT certification.   If you are a CMA, RT, etc, your training or scope of practice does not include casting fractures.  By obtaining the ROT you will widen your scope of practice to include casting fractures and applying bracing and protect your future employment and your employer.