ASOP Continues US Army Relationship Through ROT Testing

ASOP Trains Harvard University ATC's in Casting

ASOP Trains Army Medics in Casting

ASOP Trains Army Medics in Casting

ASOP is now working on a project to train 300 experienced Army Medics in orthopedic casting and place these motivated individuals with Orthopedic practices, hospitals and urgent care centers around the US.




CMS, Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services, now makes it mandatory for all allied health personnel to be “Credentialed” by a credentialing agency like ASOP or state licensed (RT, LPN, ATC, etc) to enter information and orders in the patient Electronic Health Records, EHR

See the video with Robert Anthony, Deputy Director, CMS.

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If you are not credentialed or licensed you are prevented from touching the EHR by the current CMS rules.   MA’s who are not “certified”, CMA’s, DO NOT meet this rule.  The ASOP Registered Orthopedic Technologist, ROT, DOES meet this new rule.   Now it is more important than ever to obtain and maintain your ROT certification.   If you are a CMA, RT, etc, your training or scope of practice does not include casting fractures.  By obtaining the ROT you will widen your scope of practice to include casting fractures and applying bracing and protect your future employment and your employer.


Essential Nutrients to Aid Fracture Repair

While a cast plays an essential role in the healing of broken bones, the importance of a well-balanced diet rich in those nutrients known to aid the repair of fractures should not be forgotten. This may not be an issue for many of the people who you provide casting for, but in seniors nutritional deficiencies are more…


ASOP Trains Army Medics in Casting

Ft Sam Workshop2Ft Sam WorkshopOn February 19th, former Army Medic and ASOP Director Charles Barocas returned to Ft. Sam Houston, TX to train 20 Army Medics in Orthopedic Casting. This Introduction to Casting Workshop may lead to an Army wide program to add additional training time to Army Medic Training Curriculum to allow a smoother transition between Combat Medic and civilian Orthopedic Allied Professional. There are 10,000 Orthopedic Offices, 7,000 Emergency Departments and 12,000 new urgent care facilities. Former Army Combat Medics make the perfect employee for these facilities. ASOP will be there to provide specialized orthopedic courses to help these Vets find civilian positions when they leave the military.

Over 80 Casting Workshops Planned for 2016

We are now planning our biggest workshop year ever!! Go to to see dates and cities of casting workshops. ASOP will train over 1000 allied professionals in casting, splinting & bracing in 2016 And for the first time, ASOP will be attending the American Association of Orthopedic Executives convention in 2016. ASOP will promote…

Continuing Ed

Pediatric Fracture Continuing Ed

For ASOP Members Only – Here’s an opportunity for 1 hour of Continuing Education credit to ASOP subscribers. Log-in and review the material. CommonPediatricFractures Read more →...

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There are no hypochondriacs in casts

Significant casting and splinting complications, although uncommon, can be more severe than many clinicians might anticipate. Even the most astute clinician may easily miss these complications. We present two cases of infectious life- or limb-threatening cast/splint complications presenting to a single pediatric emergency department (ED). We also review the pediatric and adult medical literature regarding such complications, and use…...

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Ortho Techs Needed in Tampa, Beverly Hills and Dallas

Tech Needed in Beverly Hills, CA Part-time ( 3 days/week) Ortho castingtechnician for hand surgery office in BeverlyHills, CA.   Must have experience.  Assist physician in backoffice with splinting, casting, dressing changes, suture removal, drawing blood along with placing orders for casting and splinting supplies. Please send resumes  Tech needed In Dallas, TX Ortho Tech…